Bed Bug Treatments: Combo

Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators offers two very effective bed bug treatments to eliminate infestations. We also offer the two services together-Chemical/Heat Treatment Combo. In the combination package, we offer a chemical treatment for the living area and a one room heat treatment. The heat treatment offers a 100% kill rate for the most affected room. 90% of bed bugs live within 8 feet of the host. For that reason, heat treating that room should eliminate 90% of the problem. Additionally, the chemical treatment is used through out the rest of the living area and leaves a residual for up to 60 days for any possible stragglers. We kill 90% in the bedroom with the heat and let the chemicals get the rest. Our bed bug treatments are VERY effective and VERY affordable. Call for pricing.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is quickly becoming the most trusted form of bed bug removal. The treatment is safe for your family, pets, and will not harm your belongings.

Even resilient bed bugs do not handle extreme heat.  After being exposed to 122 degrees for a few minutes all adult bed bugs and their eggs will die. Depending on where the eggs are or hiding increases the time needed to treat the area. We heat the living area to 135 degrees for 5 hours to make sure all areas get exposed to the lethal temperature.

We use heaters specifically made for the bed bug industry. The average heater operates at an ambient temperature of 135 degrees for a short periods of time.  Because of that, killing bed bugs safely and effectively requires these specific heaters. Heaters that with stand high temperatures for long periods of time.

Using industry leading heaters and our knowledge of bed bugs and their hiding habits, we heat the living area to the proper temperature and eliminate the infestation in 1 treatment.  Because heat treatments kill bed bugs that hide it allows us to guarantee our heat treatment services.

We heat the area for 5 hours but the process takes 8-10 hours. First, we set up our equipment and get the ambient temperature to 135 degrees. Once that is achieved, we start the 5-hour clock. Then we monitor the temperature and identify cold spots. Periodically, we adjust our heaters and airflow fans to make sure all areas are treated. Finally, cooling and removing the equipment takes about an hour. You are back in your home on the same day.

For more information on thermal bed bug treatment,
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Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Chemical bed bug treatments get a bad rap. Advances in pesticide manufacturing resulted in the development of products with dual-active ingredients. This ground breaking technology is changing public opinion. The main intents are to broaden activity against a greater number of target pests, and increase effectiveness against hard-to-control ones like bed bugs.

Our product is being used by a growing number of pest controllers. Because pyrethroid and neonicotinoid insecticides have different modes of action, the hope is that the combination of ingredients produces superior results against pyrethroid-resistant populations. This greatly increased the effectiveness of chemical spray treatments over the last 7 years.

Chemical treatments offer a challenge to the most seasoned exterminator. Diligence is required from the occupant to eliminate an infestation. For this reason, companies offer limited guarantees for chemical treatments.

Chemical treatments remain an affordable and effective way to eliminate bed bugs if administered properly. We also offer a chemical and heat treatment combo that is a good option. The combo offers the affordability of spray along with the added benefit of killing eggs before they hatch with heat.

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