Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is a proven non-chemical method of killing bed bugs. High temperatures kill bed bugs at all of their life stages – even the eggs don’t survive, so they don’t hatch and cause repeat infestations. A Heat Treatment introduces temperatures greater than 120 degrees F(lethal temperature) and less than 140 degrees F (content damaging temperature). In fact, treating with Heat is the fastest and best long term solution.

Heat Treatment Equipment

Heat Treat $300/bedroom

  • Treat 1 room or all the rooms
  • Includes 1 heater & fan/room
  • Light Setup Needed
  • Completed in 8-12 Hours
greentech heat solutions

A service technician monitors temperatures in real time with wireless sensors placed in treated areas.  This ensures lethal temperatures throughout the area and its contents. Fans move the heated air throughout the space, through mattresses, baseboards, cracks and crevices, etc.
No special clean-up and limited set up is required. Therefore, the space is ready to use the same day.

  • Kills 100% of Bed Bugs & Eggs

A Bed Bug Heat Treatment kills bed bugs and eggs in hard to reach areas. Using a heat treatment will help expidite the kill process. We like to use heat in the most infested areas and spray the rest of the home. This eliminates the worry of them returning and biting you again.

  • 100% Green and No Chemical

Our heat treatment is eco-friendly. Epa Regulated chemicals are safe for homes with Kids and Pets but heat is what some homeowners prefer. Helps with allergies and asthma by also killing allergens.

  • Bed Bug Heater Rental

First, a service technician will come and set up a heater that will treat one room up to 400 sq ft. We provide fans and a heat sensor to help move the air and monitor the temperature. The equipment has thermometers so you can almost set it and walk away. You must monitor the equipment and maintain the killing temperature of 132 degrees. Then, let the equipment work for 8-10 hours and be rid of bed bugs. Finally, we pick it up at the end of the day.

This is very effective for killing bed bugs in furniture. Do not throw away that mattress or couch. Treat them with heat. Call for pricing! Checkout our video on the heat treatment process!

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