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Bay View  Bed Bug Exterminators

Our top rated team of qualified bed bug exterminators in Bay View is ready to satisfy your needs and go above and beyond. We are dedicated to providing excellent
customer service and professionally resolving your bed bug problem.

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Rapid Response Flexible

We have Services available 24/7. We work with your schedule.We accommodate your schedule.

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Visual Examinaton Available

Our specialists can assist you if you are not sure whether you have a bed bug infestation.

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100% Chemical-Free and Green Option

Our heat treatment improves allergies and asthma by eradicating allergens while being eco-environment friendly.

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Bed Bugs & Eggs are Completely Destroyed by Heat Treatment.

Eggs are killed by heating. So there’s no chance of them coming back and biting you again.

Bed Bug Treatments: Combo

Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators offers two very efficient bed bug treatments to eliminate infestations. Additionally, we offer a chemical/heat treatment combo service. In the combo package, we provide chemical treatment for the living space and single-room heat treatment. The heat treatment offers a 100% kill rate for the most affected room. Within 8 feet of the host, 90% of bed bugs can be found. Because of that, heat treating that room should kill 90% of the problem. More over, the chemical treatment is used throughout the rest of the living space and leaves a residual for up to 2 months for any possible stragglers. With heat in the bedroom, we kill 90% of the bugs, leaving the remaining 10% to the chemicals.. Our bed bug treatments are really effective and incredibly affordable.

Chemical Spray

  • NEW Chemical NOW Kills Infestations
  • 90% of our clients requires 1 treatment.
  • Follow up treatment just $100
  • Furniture, Beds, Dressers, and all wood trim
  • Needs Pre Treatment Setup-Bagging Clothes
  • Takes 1.5 Hours- Enter Safely in 5
  • Limited Prep available for a fee

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

  • We Treat the Living Room and the Bedroom
  • Treatment includes 1 heater & fan per room
  • Little Arrangement Required
  • Takes 8-12 hours to Complete
  • Extra Fees may apply
  • We do not HEAT Kitchen & Bathrooms
  • Best Kill Rate

Chemical & Heat Combo

  • Heat Treat Most infested area
  • Treatment covers 1 heater & fan
  • Spray treat ALL rooms
  • Done 1.5 Hours- Safe Reentry in 5
  • Extra Fees may apply
  • We do not HEAT Kitchen & Bathrooms
  • Most Effective and leaves residual


A 30-day unbiased research concluded, 96% of bed bugs were eliminated with a single spray treatment.. The research conducted in 22 flats with an average of 170 bed bugs showed our product eliminated 96% of the infestations in 30 days. Tenants only had limited involvement in this. Better participation and lower bed bug counts will improve those percentages.


Our Service continually earns 5 Star Ratings from our valued customers. Clients notice the time and effort we put to spray every nook and cranny. Customers frequently remark on how much more we spray compared to the competition. The first time, we perform twice as much, eliminating the need for a second.


Our product has been very efficient at killing bed bugs in one go. We take the small steps that please our clients. You would think our price is more expensive. In actuality, we provide the best value for your money. Our prices might not always be the cheapest however, you’ll get the best bed bug removal deal in Bay View.

“We provide a expert, fast service to both the residential and commercial sector in Bay View, WI, 53207. Our comprehensive services of bed bug extermination in Bay View  safeguard your home, loved ones and pets.”


Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators

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